SelectSeal Packaging Machinery a leading-edge manufacturer of tray sealers and rollstock FFS packaging machines for the medical device and non-food industries. SelectSeal equipment provides repeatable and quantifiable processes for sterile barrier packaging. Our designs incorporate features demanded by industry; smaller footprint, seal verification, open architecture, line clearance, less scrap and servo designs which minimize air consumption and bioburden in cleanrooms.

SelectSeal Packaging Machinery has assembled a team of experienced, forward-thinking leaders from the packaging industry together with the 100-year legacy of ODC Tooling and Molds, a manufacturer of custom tooling and machines.

Our Model

Based on our experience in the industry, most packaging lines integrate around a standard machine that exists. We understand that often, this is not ideal, but necessary due to the varied formats, materials, process that are unique to each manufacturer which results in long lead times in customizing standard machines.

Instead of building machines with exact web widths and lengths, we have designed a platform that allows SelectSeal to adapt quickly to the specific application. It becomes your machine, your package, using your process without the additional costs or time. In today’s market, customer special requirements should never be a reason for delays in delivery.



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Our Goal

To draw on our combined expertise and capability to develop innovative equipment which produces the highest quality package while addressing operational and compliance needs of medical device manufacturers.

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