SelectSeal Max200

Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal • Rollstock Thermofomer


For High volume, low SKU sterile barrier packaging applications where space savings is critical. Ideal for clean room device manufacturing and for flexible or rigid rollstock web widths up to 200mm.

Packaging Materials

Rollstock forming and non-forming
Forming Films: PET, PETG, HIPS, PVC, Poly, Nylon/Surlyn ®
Non-Forming Films: Heat sealable Tyvek ® , Medical Paper, Poly Films or Paper board.

Machine Specifications

Typical Configuration Other Configurations
Max Web Format
(web width x index)
8” x 8” (203mm x 203mm) Larger format readily
Max Draw Depth 3.0” (76mm)
Max Film Thickness 30 mil
Rollstock 14” (356mm) max dia roll, 3” (76mm) core Larger diameter roll
unwind options available
Rate 3 – 20 Cycles per minute (CPM)
Materials of
Anodized Aluminum Extruded framework, SS,
other cleanroom compatible materials
Power 240VAC or 480VAC, 3phase, 60hz Other voltages available
Air Consumption 80-100PSI air source, CFM to be provided
based on actual application
Film Unwinds Powered, constant tension with low roll, web
break and splice detect as standard
Dual roll unwind or cart
Preheat Station Contact heat on both sides of film
Forming Station Vacuum form with air assist; Male vent seam
plug with vacuum; Male plug assist
High force cold forming
Load Station Modular length per application for manual
or auto load
Operator load indicators
Top web print Brake stretch eyemark registration for
pre-printed top film
All print technologies
can be provided
Seal Station 3700# capacity servo based sealing station with
direct force load cell feedback for verification.
Pneumatic driven sealing
Cutting Cross cut knife (XMD) with Crush Cut (MD) Matched metal, steel rule
or forged type
Controls Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI with Yaskawa motion Other platforms available
upon request
Safety Zero tolerance safety package
Vision Cognex or Keyence cameras for inspection
of device presence or graphical print verification.
Software Features Process parameter verification, 4 User security
logins, Data change tracking, Line Clearance
Customizable per

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